The Awful Waffle

The place: The Awful Waffle, in an odd apartment community smack in the middle of houses built in the 30s and 40s, at 602 E 600 N, Provo, UT 84604

Contact info: online at, on Facebook, by phone at (801) 655-4110

Reservations: No


  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner:  Mon – Thurs / 8:30 am – 11 pm
  • Lunch/Dinner:  Fri & Sat / 8:30 am – 12 midnight

About: We are a young couple with a love for all things Belgium. We’ve brought home century old recipes, gourmet recipes, and genuine Belgian equipment – all to make a lovely little Waffle and Crepe shop, tucked in a corner down by BYU. We’ve been working hard for months to make this place amazing. Please, come down and taste a little piece of Europe! Source: The Awful Waffle website,

Sometimes I take my own pictures.

Sometimes I take my own pictures.

The ambiance: I missed out on seeing The Awful Waffle’s first location in Campus Plaza, so I don’t have anything to compare their new location to. The new location, which I find to be oddly centered in an apartment community for students who apparently never want to venture out into the real world, with no street parking to speak of, has a fun, funky interior. Brightly colored chairs, lights strung around (although that might be a just holidays thing — we’ll find out later), chalkboard menus, and a weird alcove of groceries (again, they’ll never have to venture). There are also comfy looking couches in one corner, ready and waiting for larger groups to spend quality time together. And, pleasingly, there is outdoor seating when the weather isn’t frigid. It’s industrial and hip and looks like it belongs in a city rather than a college town.

The Munch: I went with a coworker friend, and we somehow decided between arriving at the Awful Waffle and getting ourselves seated that we would share everything. We’re friends, after all, and friends share things (a valuable lesson I have learned, even as an only child — it can only result in good things). I ordered:

  • the brussels waffle with vanilla whipped cream and raspberries
  • the frites with house sauce
That much whipped cream really did happen.

That much whipped cream really did happen.

She ordered:

  • the liege pumpkin pie waffle (a seasonal special)
  • a crepe with roasted chicken, spinach, pesto cream sauce, and other delicious things (I was so entranced by the food I failed to write it all down)
Oh, did I mention all the tables are chalkboards? Because they are.

Oh, did I mention all the tables are chalkboards? Because they are.

I cannot think of a single negative thing to write about either waffle or the crepe. Nothing. My brussels waffle, deliciously cinnamony and crisp, with fresh raspberries and probably about a cup of whipped cream, was food perfection. Although I was hoping for creme fraiche to make an appearance on their menu, I assure you, the whipped cream doesn’t fall short at all. It’s a house recipe and has a perfect balance of sweetness, so every bite will be delicious and not cloying. I look forward to trying the other fruit options with these waffles in the future. The liege pumpkin pie waffle is a must-have, so you’ll want to pop in before it’s gone. The difference between the liege and the brussels is the cinnamon — if you’re not particularly fond of cinnamon, you’ll definitely want to stick with the liege, which is equally crisp and delicious. I tasted pumpkin pie filling, pumpkin pie spice, some caramel syrup perhaps?, and, of course, that heavenly whipped cream.

We call this the quadrant of food. From bottom left: savory chicken crepe, pumpkin pie waffle, frites, and brussels waffle

We call this the quadrant of food. From bottom left: savory chicken crepe, pumpkin pie waffle, frites, and brussels waffle

I love to pair sweet with savory, so I’m glad we ventured to the savory crepe and frites. The crepe was perfectly cooked – thin (not fragile) and filled (stuffed) with tender chicken, fresh spinach, cheese, the aforementioned other delicious things, all topped off with a pesto sauce I could probably eat on a piece of cardboard. Even as full as I felt, I kept returning to that crepe till at least all the sauce was gone.

The only part of our meal that didn’t make me feel ecstatic were the frites. By definition, frites are what all french fries should hope to become; double fried. And, having done my fair share of frying and double-frying, anything that falls under that umbrella should be ridiculously crispy. And, unfortunately, they weren’t. This isn’t to say they weren’t tasty (and that sauce was so good, I considered taking it home), but I had hoped for a better texture than tender all around. This might be due to the fact that they don’t fry them long enough the second time or the thickness of the potato, but I’ll probably pass on them in the future.

This, of course, did not stop me from eating nearly all of them.

The bill: Mine alone came to $9.03 with tax and tip (always tip counter service, people. Always.) For as much food as I got, this was a real bargain. I believe my friend’s total came to around $11 or $12, which meant the two of us could stuff ourselves silly, leaving a pretty good amount of leftovers, for less than $20 altogether. Their pricing is reasonable, and when it comes to the waffles, generally up to you. The base price for each waffle is $2.95, and the additional toppings are price as marked. If you want to keep it simple and inexpensive, you could just order the waffle plain and be pretty satisfied. If you add the whipped cream, it’s a mere 95 cents (don’t tell them how much they’re undercharging people for what is probably a pint of heavy whipping cream), and my fruit was 75 cents. You can walk away, really satisfied, for around $5, and you’ll rest easy knowing it was all fresh.

Total score: 9.5/10 — I’m sorry to say the frites kind of bummed me out, but the rest certainly compensated. Had I not ordered them, Awful would be getting a 10. It’s a definite must-eat-at hotspot in Provo, and chances are, you’ll see me there.


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