Cupcake Chic

The place: Cupcake Chic, in the strip mall kiddy corner to Sprouts Market, at 1361 S. State Orem, UT 84097

Contact info: online at, on Facebook, by phone at (801) 607-2968

Reservations: No


  • Dessert: Mon – Thurs / 10:30 – 8
  • Dessert: Fri – Sat / 10:30 – 9

About:  A dream that started in our home kitchen turned into Cupcake Chic. Originally a cupcakery, we have added cakes, cookies, bon bons and other treats to our gourmet treat menu. So, stop by and get something great to eat. Source: Cupcake Chic website,

The ambiance: It’s small and bright, with exceptionally clean glass cases featuring all of their delicious goodies. They have a few seats, but this is more of a grab and go type of place, which is probably for the better since you will feel compelled to buy one of everything and eat it at home in your stretchy pants.

The Munch: If you yourself don’t have incredible self-discipline, you’ll need to take someone with you who does. In my case, it was Husband, who despite my pleadings wouldn’t give in to our each getting one treat for the evening. I knew I didn’t want anything gluten-free because I don’t have celiac, and I was pretty certain I didn’t want a sugar cookie since they’re particularly known for their cupcakes, but narrowing it down to one flavor was extremely taxing. Husband, on the other hand, walked in, glanced around, and knew precisely what to get himself. We ordered:

  • The Classic cupcake
  • S’mores bar

Photo courtesy Cupcake Chic on Facebook,

I really dislike dense cupcakes, and that’s what I’ve tended to find in Utah county. So when I bit into my Hostess-themed cake and was met with a deliciously fine crumb, I was very pleased. The cake and frosting were both made with high quality chocolate (the frosting was actually ganache, so ’nuff said), but they weren’t so dark that they were bitter. Nor were they cloying — they were perfectly chocolate. And inside the center, rather than an ambiguous white “cream,” they had piped in their homemade marshmallow creme, which was divine.


Photo courtesy Cupcake Chic on Facebook,

Photo courtesy Cupcake Chic on Facebook,

Husband raved about that s’mores bar for days. As he was eating it, he kept remarking how delicious it was, when he finished it, he remarked at how delicious it was, and I’m not sure a day has gone by that he hasn’t brought it up in casual conversation. The bar part was made with graham cracker crumbs but was soft like a cookie (and not crumbly or messy), the chocolate spread tasted like a big melted Hershey bar, and the marshmallow creme on top was just as divine as in the Classic cupcake. Though rich, it was definitely finishable, and it wasn’t cloying.

We agreed (more or less — I brought up this idea, and he didn’t say no) to buying a treat from Cupcake Chic every week because it seemed like the right thing to do.

The bill: $5.12, plus a free punch because I missed the free birthday cupcake sign-up and it was my birthday week. I like that kid a lot. And that total? For two delicious, gourmet homemade treats? They’re practically giving it away.

Total score: 10/10 — I mean, I plan on going back every week, so.