About the Reviewer

I’ll let you know something right now. I have two big obsessions in life: food and blogging. I know, you expected me to say my religion or my husband. But when I really get to thinking about it, those are two constants in my life and food and blogging? Well. Trends change. I change.

After a much too long rut Husband and I were stuck in, I decided to turn our weekly date nights into a quest to find the best eateries Utah County has to offer. Sure, we could spend the time and gas to drive ourselves to and from Salt Lake City once a week, but I was certain there was more than just fast food and chain restaurants in this weird, happy place. So we set out to discover all of them.

This is what resulted.

A small disclaimer: If you are a major food snob, this blog will frustrate you on a pretty regular basis. I will be reviewing some chains, I’ll give props to the occasional run-of-the-mill and I’ll turn my nose up at the locals. It’s just how I be.

UPDATE: The Husband and I have since moved from Utah county to Salt Lake county, so the reviews will now include restaurants north of Happy Valley!


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